Tattoo & Body Piercing

I've been piercing professionally since the later part of 2000, but piercing and body modification has always been part of my life since childhood. I first started experimenting with needles and flesh when I was only in first or second grade. I would sneak into my mother's sewing kit and "borrow" some of her sewing needles. Back then it was just simple stuff like temporarily piercing my earlobes or nostril. As high school came to a close I had developed a decent working knowledge of all things piercing and (inadvisably) pierced quite a few of my friends. Knowledgeable, but not yet honed in my skills, I set out and found an apprenticeship at a local studio to learn proper piercing and sterile technique, including jewelry placement, avoiding cross contamination, and the dangers of blood-borne pathogens.

When I pierce, I give my full and undivided attention to whoever is in my chair. Even though I've done tens of thousands of piercings by now in my career, I still approach every single piercing with the same respect and care as when I first started. Every piercing, however simple or complex it may be, is still a challenge to make sure it comes out straight, clean, and is as perfect as the last one I performed.

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